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  • How to Borrow Books from Perpustakaan Negara (National Library of Malaysia)

    Unbeknownst to many, thousands of ebooks are available to Malaysians on Perpustakaan Negara’s Overdrive platform, all of which can be borrowed for free! In this guide, we will walkthrough the process of creating an account and borrowing your very first ebook.
  • How to Read Google Play Books on your PocketBook E-Reader

    The openness of the PocketBook ecosystem makes PocketBook ebook readers desirable to avid readers who want the freedom of choice when it comes to purchasing books. These e-readers support more than 20 ebook formats including EPUB, MOBI and DRM-protected books.
  • How to Read Books Borrowed from the National Library of Malaysia on your PocketBook E-Reader

    In this guide, we’ll show you how to add books borrowed from the National Library of Malaysia to your PocketBook e-book reader.
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