Why buy a Kindle?

Why buy a Kindle?

Electronic book readers have been around in Malaysia for a long time. It hasn't been very popular amongst Malaysians as book stores usually have them hidden far away in an inaccessible corner, but they have been gaining popularity as of late thanks to efforts made by bookstores around the country to offer high-quality digital content instead of merely focusing on physical books as they used to.

In this article, I'd like to go through some of the reasons as to why I think you should purchase one of the best ebook readers in the market today - the Kindle.

1. Convenience

This is perhaps the number one reason to purchase a Kindle. It's a sturdy device that is light and small in size, making it perfect for one-handed usage. Its form factor makes reading for extended periods of time enjoyable.

It comes with the ability to bookmark pages, highlight words and sentences, translate text, adjust font types and sizes and add notes. These features make the experience of consuming content on the Kindle just so much more satisfying.

The Kindle has the ability to connect to the Amazon Kindle Store directly without the aid of a computer, instantly giving you access to millions of titles no matter where you are. Your next book  can be made available for reading on your device in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

2. Screen

Kindles, and most other ebook readers come with displays that are powered by eInk technology. These panels look and feel just like paper and are extremely power-efficient. They do not strain your eyes even after hours of reading unlike traditional displays that we have become accustomed to.

The newer generation of Kindles come with built-in front lighting, which is quite different from the LCD backlights our phones typically come with. This technology distributes light evenly across the screen allowing readers to read books in the dark without experiencing eye fatigue. 

3. Battery Life

The battery life is exceptional. The battery on a Kindle can last for several weeks thanks to its power-efficient display panel. The eInk technology that drives these displays allows them to have images persist without consuming any power. The only time power is consumed is when there exists the need to refresh the content shown onscreen.

4. Access to Millions of Titles

You're bound to find a book that interests you in a sea of high-quality content offered on the Amazon Kindle store. You are provided with recommendations based on your interest and preferences, and this makes the process of discovering new titles incredibly easy, quick and fun.

Kindle also supports other non-proprietary file formats like PDF, meaning you can download books from other stores and have them transferred over to your Kindle.

5. Save Money!

Electronic books often cost more than traditional, physical books. You will have to fork out a few hundred ringgit when purchasing a Kindle, but in the long run, you might just end up saving quite a bit of money especially if you purchase books very frequently.