Where to buy a Kindle in Malaysia

You've spent days reading about Kindles and you are now completely sold on the idea of owning a light and portable electronic book reader to quench your thirst for a good story. Excitedly, you begin your quest of purchasing a brand new Kindle from the Amazon online store only to realise 10 minutes in that Amazon does not ship Kindle devices to Malaysia!

So, what do you do? You naturally start scanning through stores in all the popular consumer-oriented e-commerce platforms in Malaysia in search of a good deal, but this isn't always the most straightforward process in the world, and it obviously takes time and a lot of effort, making the experience a lot less desirable than it initially was.

To help you, and other individuals struggling to find a reliable and trustworthy Kindle reseller in Malaysia, we have put together a list of Kindle resellers whom we think you would be extremely satisfied with. Hopefully this list will help you find a good reseller in Malaysia for you to buy your Kindle from!

1. Rects and Squares

We offer a variety of ebook readers from all over the world like Kindles from the United States and Japan as well as PocketBooks from Switzerland at incredibly competitive prices. Our prices are often the cheapest in the market primarily due to the fact that one of our main goals as a business is to encourage more Malaysians to cultivate a reading habit. We are also incredibly focused on building a community surrounding ebooks and ebook readers.

We place a lot of emphasis on customer experience, so you are guaranteed to enjoy your shopping experience with us. 

We create and share a lot of content pertaining to Kindles and ebook readers in general on our blog, so if you're looking for a wholesome transition process over to the world of ebook readers, Rects and Squares would be the perfect option for you.

We want Malaysians to fall in love with reading. All over again.

Purchase your favourite Kindle from Rects and Squares today!

2. Kindle Malaysia

Kindle Malaysia is a household name in the business of reselling Kindles in Malaysia, so it's definitely a business you can put your complete trust in. Their prices are generally a lot higher than that of ours. However, they often include subscriptions to Amazon services as part of their package.

They have also put in a lot of effort into introducing Amazon book services to Malaysia, many of which you can purchase separately from them through their website. For example, you can purchase a yearly subscription to their Kindle Malaysia Book Club service for just RM120 per year, which we think is a fantastic deal!

As a whole, we think they are a fantastic reseller of Kindles!