PocketBook Verse Pro (PB634) - Everything We Know

PocketBook Verse Pro (PB634) - Everything We Know

PocketBook looks to be ready to introduce yet another e-reader this year, the PocketBook Verse Pro (PB 634), based on their latest FCC filing.

The Verse Pro will likely take the place of Touch HD 3, one of PocketBook's best-selling devices in their e-reader line-up. Just like all the devices announced and released by PocketBook in 2023, the Verse Pro gets a sleek, modern and minimalistic shell with what appears to be the same redesigned page-turn buttons that we first saw in the Era.

It'll likely ship with the latest E Ink Carta 1200 display layered with PocketBook's anti-glare coat that we now see in the Era as well as the InkPad 4. This new display should result in a faster response time (an increase of 20%), and a better contrast ratio compared to the Touch HD 3 which was released in 2019.

It's waterproof (IPX8) and has warm light (known as SMARTlight), and looks to have a USB-C port as opposed to the ancient micro-USB port found in its predecessor.

We aren't quite certain at this point if it is equipped with speakers just like the Era, InkPad 4 and InkPad Color 2.

More information to follow!

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