How to Remove Special Offers for Free

It's a little difficult to justify paying 20 USD to have special offers removed from your Kindle seeing as the ads are not intrusive, and don't disrupt the reading experience one bit. However, a few avid Kindle users on Reddit found that the Amazon customer service team is occasionally nice enough to have your Kindle stripped off all ads for free. Yes, for free!

We have tried the following steps with many of our customers' devices, and we have been successful every single time thus far. Do keep in mind that this is merely a guide, and it's not a process that's guaranteed to work.

Note: This will only work if your device was purchased from the Amazon US store.

1. Head over to

2. Select "Devices - FireTablet, FireTV, Echo etc"

3. Pick your Kindle in the list of devices. If you don't see your device, you will need to connect your device

4. In the "Tell us more" section, you should see a drop-down menu.

5. Pick "Device Set-up/Registration or Deregistration"

6. A new drop-down menu should show up below.

7. Pick "Register and Set-up a device"

8. Scroll down, and you should see a section titled "Or, talk to someone".

9. Tap on "Chat"

10. Ask the chat representative if they can help you remove ads on your Kindle. Eg: "Hey, could you please help me remove ads on my Kindle?"

In most cases, they'd be willing to have all ads removed from your device for free. Good luck, and do reach out to us if you have any questions!